Thursday, December 19, 2013

Road Running

I've been trying to do a marathon run once month and ran up to Hesperus again recently.  The benefit of runs like this are the gas station stops where I can refuel with food that I normally do not eat.  I don't go too crazy with the junk food, but usually buy a big chocolate and almond bar from Hershey.  
 This run is actually 29 miles if I run direct through town on the way back, and to save time I even headed up the town nature trail.  I think if I stick to the better route is comes out a bit over 30 as I recall from the last time.  
The snow is still in good shape up high but melting down around town.  Hopefully we will get some more soon.


Michael Heitman said...

Merry Christmas Matt! Wishing you and your family continued mountain adventures in the new year! Mike

Matt said...

Back at ya Mike! enjoy the holidays!